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Orr Media Co. is an integrated multi-media production company serving businesses and individuals by solving our clients' problems with creative solutions. 

What We Do

Orr Media Co. offers a variety of creative services to help bring our customer's visions to life. By utilizing a variety of skillsets and a wide range of creative talent, we're able to solve your problems, through a single point of contact. 


We recognize that each client has unique needs, so we create custom solutions. 

Whether you’re a burgeoning entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a large corporation, we serve a wide range of clientele by creating custom assets for use in marketing, advertising, pitch decks, presentations, product pre-visualizations, and crowd funding campaigns. Whether its a concept you need realized or a project that didn’t yield your desired results; we offer the resources and experience to create, edit, patent and produce your work. 


Film Set

Video Recording

Record your commercial, documentary, music video, event, or story with Orr Media Company's video recording services.  We offer Custom solutions to fit your project's needs and deliver exceptional results.  

Video Control Board

Video Editing

Edit your video content into a clear, succinct presentation.  From crowd funding videos to international advertising campaigns, music videos to documentaries, we have extensive experience in editing video to deliver a clear message to your audience.

Audio Studio

Offering recording, mixing, mastering, restoration, and archiving services for audio content.  With reknown head engineer, Ted Orr in control, your audio content will never sound better.


James Orr specializes in photographing people for commercial work, editorial work, headshots, portraits, and creative works.  He also loves photographing architectural spaces, landscapes, and products.  He is an expert in image retouching and manipulation and has honed his skills over 17 years of study.

He leads the Orr Media Company photography team and is available for freelance work.  See his dedicated photography website by clicking below.  

Web Design

Website Design

 Orr Media Company can create your stunning new website, complete with advanced functionality, automated processes, and e-commerce capabilities.  We also can optimize your SEO, create dedicated sales funnels and landing pages, and land you new customers and expand your audience.  We offer clients ongoing service and maintenance packages to keep your content current.  We also offer email list building services and blasts.  Contact us today to get your website up and optimized for productivity.


Browse some of our current business websites we created for clients below

Beyond Smart Deli logo
Art Department

Painting, Sculpture, and Illustration

Master artists and twin brothers, Richard and Andrew Gamache head the art department.  Richard specializes in painting and illustration and Andrew is a master sculptor.  They are both well versed in bringing ideas to reality in their masterfully executed works.

Whether your production calls for whiteboard animations, client portraits, film props, or intricate sculptural showpieces, our art department has it covered. 

3D Department

Our 3D department specializes in 3d asset creation and rendering for a variety of high profile projects.  We've invented toys, created games, 3d printed prototypes, and animated commercials.  If you have a project that would benefit from 3d rendering and animation, our team can bring it to life.

Image Retouching

Make your images picture-perfect

Retouching and image manipulation are pivotal processes in professional image creation.  We specialize in retouching, image manipulation, and photo composites.  Services include dodging/burning, blemish removal, sharpening, hair and body shaping, color/exposure corrections, sky replacements, object removal, and so much more.  If you want to add an extra punch to your professional images, we do it all.  We can even colorize and restore old, cracked black and white images!


Orr Media Company offers a full service audio recording studio complete with isolated vocal booth, live room with historic grand piano, sound treated studio room with 28 lines out and multiple headphone ports, and a control room.

Orr Media Company offers a full service video studio complete with multiple backdrops, green screen, a variety of lights and modifiers, and complete audio capabilities.  

Orr Media Company offers a stellar photography studio complete with multiple seamless backgrounds, a variety of lights and modifiers, and a revolutionary speaker system and song library that will put any client at ease. We also have a resident hair/makeup artist if booked in advance. 

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